Welcome to the World of RC Sports

Today the hobby/sport of aviation aeromodelling has finally gained worldwide recognition and we Indians are not far behind. The increase in newcomers and their interest in the sport has allowed manufacturers of equipment and accessories to invest heavily in new plants and processes. The result is that the technological advancement of our hobby/sport has progressed in leaps and bounds. One visit to our club and you will understand what we are talking about

“There is no field left in which; remote control has not been yet”. R/C sets are now extremely sophisticated and reliable. Model engine capacities and the model planes themselves are getting both larger and smaller depending on one’s interest. On one end of the scale, we are now seeing new jet turbines capable of reaching speeds of more than 300 km/hr., on the other end, tiny indoor R/C models are capable of flying circles in your Living room and Landing on the dining table. These are evidences to the diverse interest this sport holds for each one of us.However, there is one thing that technology will never replace the challenge, the excitement and the joy of controlling one of these models in flight.When Rakesh Verma started playing with model planes about 25 years back there were very few people who could take him seriously needless to say there was no one who could guide him. Today his collection of models and the experience in this field has helped him evolve a creditable standard to the method of training new comers to the sport.

IAC has a full fledged workshop for building kits, repairing the models, expertise in make small souvenirs (scale models), servicing and repairing the engines and stock of imported fuel for the models. And yes if you visit us you can feast your eyes on the collection of models we have on display.

For most people, the beauty of an airplane’s design lies in its lines and curves. For the flier, however, the beauty of a design includes what that design can do. That feeling is as true for R/C (radio control) pilots as it is for pilots of full-size aircraft. The difference in the aircraft size, and the fact that R/C pilots remain on the ground has very little impact on the way given designs perform. As a result, R/C hobbyists have been able to model and fly aircraft that range from the Wright Brothers’ first plane to the magnificent Space Shuttle.