How much does it cost?

A lot depends on your budget. You can spend as little as Rs. 7000 or over Rs.1, 00,000 on the basic equipment. Average cost for a complete (but no frills) beginners package runs around 12,000 to 30,000 rupees.

How fast does a model go?

Trainers usually cruise at 25-30 mph and can land at speeds as low as 12-15 mph. However, there are some unmodified, off-the-shelf airplanes that can deliver speeds of upto 200mph!

How far can a model fly?

The range for a modern R/C system is about a mile. But to maintain control, you need to have your model close enough to see what it is doing. Even a plane with a 5-6 ft wingspan looks tiny at half a mile.

What happens if I run out of fuel in fuel?

Keep your cool; you have control even if your engine stops running. You just glide your plane in for a “dead stick” landing. The radio control system works on batteries so as long as your RC batteries are fine you are in control.

How do I begin?

Read and try to understand the section “Flying basics” on this site and understand the concept. One should have a good idea of the design and characteristics of the plane you wish to fly. IAC offers many trainer models from numerous reputed manufacturers. Our own IAC Trainer 40 ARF actually guarantees that you will learn to fly successfully. After practicing the basics of flying and gaining some confidence “behind the sticks”, you will want to explore the many other exciting models of RC aircrafts.