Field Equipments

Once your aircraft is chosen, built and covered, there’s only one thing left to do fly it! To do that, you’ll need what we refer to as “flight line equipment” such as fuel, a fuel pump, engine starting equipment and a few other basic tools. Except for the fuel, most flight line supplies are one-time purchases. You can use them throughout
your modelling career, with as many different models as you fly.
Most modellers go to the field equipped with the following, all stored in a “flight box” for easy transport:

Power Panel -the centralized power source for electrical field equipment

12V Field Battery- to supply power to the power panel

DC Charger- to recharge the 12V field battery —

Glow Plug Clip- an electric device that gives your engine’s glow plug the initial heat it needs to burn fuel

Fuel Pump- to move fuel from your gallon can or jug to the plane’s fuel tank, available in hand-crank or electric-powered styles

Fuel Line, Filters & Cap Fittings- to connect your fuel to the pump, and the pump to the plane’s fuel tank.

12V Electric Starter- a device for quick, easy engine starting, powered from the power panel (a small wooden dowel or “chicken stick” can also be used).

Miscellaneous Tools- including a 4-way glow plug/prop wrench.

Glow plugs and propellers- it’s always a good idea to carry extras. Without a spare, you might be forced to stop flying early.

The glow fuel used for a model engines carries a percent rating, which indicates its nitro methane content. For trainer aircraft, 10% or 15% is recommended. Use a good quality fuel with a blend of castor oil and synthetic lubricants to protect your engine. Avoid “cheap” fuels, which sometimes attract moisture and cause engine parts to rust. You can contact I.A.C to ensure best quality fuel for your aircraft.

We at I.A.C hope that the above information is enough for you to plunge into the great Hobby of aeromodelling.