Our Team

Rakesh Verma
Rakesh is into aeromodelling for the last 30 years. He has participated in several aeromodelling competitions in India. He is one of the best model helicopter pilots in India. A well know person in Aeromodelling circle in India, his models and skills can also been seen in movies such as “Champion” and “Pukar”. His flying skills and innovative ideas have also been helped him get into “banner towing” and “flower dropping” assignments.
Though Rakesh has been training his friends and family members since many years, its only two years since he has started a formal training school in Virar. In the last two years he has taught over 50 students the skills of Model plane and Helicopters. He has recently formed Indian Aeromodellers Club and holds the post of the president for the club. From last 3 years i.e 2007 started the flying helicam for arial shots in film industry.

Dr. Bharat Verma
A doctor by profession and younger brother of Rakesh, Bharat could not resist getting into aeromodelling and has been flying aero models and helicopters since last 20 years. He has participated in several Air Shows in India. He also loves making and assembling model aircrafts from Kits of Balsa. From last 3 years i.e 2007 started the operating of helicam for arial shots in film industry.

Kiran Verma
The youngest in the whole lot, Kiran has been flying for the last 17 years. A student of the Bhonsla Military School. Kiran has completed his ground training for Commercial Pilot License and is also into paragliding. He is a master in making chuck gliders out of Balsa wood. An expert in assembling the imported and Indian model kits. Kiran is the maintenance in charge of the Indian Aeromodellers Club. Aircraft aerobatics & riding high speed bikes are his other hobbies.

Rahul Gawand
Rahul has been flying regularly for last 15 years and has also mastered helicopter flying recently. Is   very good in airplane dog fights. He is the Secretary of IAC .From last 3 years i.e  2007 itself started operating  the film camera for helicam in film industry

Samson D’silva
Samson has joined us since 2000. His experience in paragliding, parasailing and other related activities has given the boost to the existing team activities. He is into making planes and gliders from paper, thermocol, balsa and foam. Samson takes care of organising workshops for in aviation during the camps.