Any one interested in aeromodelling should acquire the basic skills to begin with. One has to follow proper flight training programme. The best way is to join an aeromodelling club. Indian Aeromodellers Club (IAC) is one such institution which not only provides amenities for its members to fly but also possesses a team of dedicated instructors.

Trainee should learn on a high winged plane (aircraft having wings above the fuselage). Progressing towards betterment a skilled flyer is capable of flying a properly trimmed high scaled model which is as good and exactly like a real aircraft.

The most difficult skill to acquire is of flying helicopters. This is rarely taught in a hobby school and it is very rare to find someone to teach these skills. At IAC we are confident to impart this training to anyone who has an interest in learning to fly one.

Traditionally, R/C planes have been powered by 2 stroke engines that burn a methanol/nitro-methane/oil mixture called “glow fuel”. But there are other power sources to consider: 4-stroke engines and clean, quiet electric motors. Of course there are non powered models too but those do not necessarily require professional training.

When I started about 20 years back there were no signs of any advancement; in fact I didn’t find any such teaching institution to begin with. Today, I am proud to have IAC introducing the, would be aeromodellers to a thrilling & challenging hobby of flying R/C aircrafts.

For exploring the horizons of this fascinating hobby (IAC) Indian Aeromodellers Club, has started flight training programme for new comers and the most interested ones. The dedication and the team work of Vice-President Dr. Bharat Verma, Secretary – Rahul Gawand & Maintenance Incharge –Kiran Verma; has helped not only in forming this club but taking to such great height it has reached today.

“The heights by great men, reached & kept,

Were not attained by sudden flight;

But they while their companions slept,

Were toiling upwards in the night.”



Rakesh Verma,