Airplane Schedule

From basic 2-channel system upto highly sophisticated 10 or more channels can be learned & mastered. But minimum of 4- channel is fine.

Duration of training depends on one’s concentration & time given to an art of flying. Still for precise & better learning we have following training programme:

Level flight
Parallel flying on the run-way 7 perfect turning at same altitude.
Straight & level flying.
180 degree level turns (left/right)
Take-off & landing.

II] ADVANCE (Intermediate.)
360 degree circle (L/R)
Figure 8
Horizontal rolls.
Inverted level flight.
Inside loops.

III] SKILLED (Aerobatics)
Inverted flying.
Immelmann turns.
Split ‘S’
Spin & recover.

IV] PERFECT (Especially for landing.)
Landing on run-way L/R.
Low & slow level flights.
Touch & go.
Full-stop landing.
Dead stick practice.


Take-off from run-way.
Horizontal figure 8.
360 degree horizontal roll.
Straight inverted level flight (min. 5 sec.)
Inside loop.
Landing perfectly on run-way.