Helicopter Schedule

Helicopters are becoming more popular in India among r/c enthusiasts day by day. Instruments are becoming more advance & users friendly, still lack of knowledge about heli’s & its flying set-up are not allowing enthusiasts to take more fun out of it ,& result is a crash. hence we had designed a training programme for heli-flying, which saves time. because our training method allows to learn faster, gives maximum practical¬† flying time.

I] Hovering – well this is obvious, every successful flight begins and ends with a hover so it is the first on the list. When learning to hover, most people overcompensate on the controls. An example is the helicopter is drifting left then you give too much right, now you have to give left to correct for too much right. You will end up working hard to keep the helicopter in one
place. Helicopters only require slight corrections to maintain a steady hover.
II]Moving left/right РThis will help develop  your aileron skill.
III]Triangle pattern – This works both you aileron and elevator skill.

IV]Circle – done of course with the tail still facing you and in a clockwise pattern. Don’t worry about making a perfect circle.
V]Counter-clockwise circle – then work on doing a clockwise circle and as the helicopter gets on the right side of the circle go into a counter-clockwise circle off to your right. This is the beginnings of a figure 8.
VI] Figure 8’s (tail toward you) – Notice the difference between when the helicopter is going upwind versus downwind. You will need to work on anticipating this and adjusting the collective to compensate. At this point the figure 8’s are still close in, maybe 30 feet or so each side of you. On the ends work on getting a little higher up. Only an additional ten feet or so.
Warning: Radio controlled helicopter is not a toy. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment & operating it requires a high degree of diligence & skill. If you are a newcomer, it is best to seek help & guidance from accomplished model helicopter instructor